Christmas Cocktails: a recipe for disaster?

As the days get shorter and temperatures drop, statistics show that our consumption of alcohol rockets. In the UK we drink 41% more during December than during any other month.

The risks of increasing alcohol content during this time of year vary from minor effects such as a hangover to more serious, long-term health concerns. Along with the mince pies and turkey, alcohol will increase calorie intake dramatically; a single pint of beer contains over 150 calories which is the equivalent to a bag of crisps. There is also concern that after a big night out people may drive or be going to work still intoxicated from the night before.

The longer-term effects of binge drinking include higher blood pressure; cancer of the mouth, neck and throat; liver cirrhosis and breast cancer amongst other problems.

A fluid that transports oxygen and other substances through the body, made up of blood cells suspended in a liquid. Full medical glossary
Abnormal, uncontrolled cell division resulting in a malignant tumour that may invade surrounding tissues or spread to distant parts of the body. Full medical glossary
scarring of the liver. Full medical glossary
A large abdominal organ that has many important roles including the production of bile and clotting factors, detoxification, and the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Full medical glossary