Brits least concerned about swine flu impact on travel plans

Travelzoo, a global Internet media company, today announced the results of a pan-European survey conducted last week among 10,582 travellers in 24 regions across the UK, Germany, France and Spain. The survey results reveal vastly diverging attitudes towards Swine Flu, with just 7% of Brits saying they will change their travel plans because of it, compared to 21% of Spaniards, 15% of Germans and 14% of French.

In the UK, those living in the North West are least concerned about the impact of Swine Flu on their travel plans (5%), while residents of Northern Ireland are the most concerned (12.5%). In London and the South East, 8% say they will change their travel plans because of Swine Flu.

Respondents in sunnier regions such as the Canaries, South of Spain and the Balearics say they are most likely to change their travel plans because of Swine Flu (28%, 24% and 19% respectively).

Stephen Dunk, Travelzoo UK spokesman said, "A number of surveys have revealed that Britons will not give up their holiday or travel plans, despite the risk of Swine Flu, but this is the first to show just how important that aspect of our life is, compared to other Europeans. The survey results correlate strongly with data we have about demand for travel deals abroad."