Mr Ed Butler

Resident at:

Mr Ed Butler is a Senior Physiotherapist working for AposTherapy. He qualified with an honours degree from Oxford Brookes University. His specialist interests include acute and chronic lower limb injuries for professional sportsmen and women. He spent three years working for a professional football team and found that the high pressure environment required precise diagnosis and the correct, effective treatment. During this time he conducted his own studies into the causes and preventative exercise of chronic groin injuries.

Mr Butler has been able to build collaborative relationships with some of the top surgeons and musculoskeletal specialists in the capital. Through his research into new treatment ideas for repetitive injuries he came across AposTherapy. As Mr Butler says “…the theory and methodology made complete sense to me, so much so that I decided to join the team.” Since 2009 Mr Butler has been involved in establishing AposTherapy in the UK, from working on the pilot study of 1500 patients to introducing the treatment to the wider public.

Personal treatment philosophy: The treatment aims and goal are important to me and I believe that setting both realistic and achievable goals is only possible if the patient really understands their condition and the treatment they receive, therefore education is vital. An open-minded approach to managing the condition is also essential, presenting condition and symptoms vary greatly from person to person and therefore so should the management, a willingness to work out and try different options will yield the best results.