Mr Robin Lefever

Resident at:
Robin Lefever is Treatment Director at PROMIS Clinics, formerly head of the Mind Campus at Withersdane Hall, PROMIS Hay Farm Rehabilitation and the PROMIS Chelsea Clinic.
Robin was educated at the University of Kent and qualified with a BSc in Psychology. He has worked with patients and studied addiction treatment for over 20 years. He is a leading researcher in the field of addiction and has published many articles and papers in international scientific journals.
Robin is a therapist and is trained in a broad range of therapeutic approaches including EMDR, NLP, EAP, Psychodrama, CBT, DBT, Sand Play, Ropes Course, Family Therapy and Intervention. His treatment philosophy is therefore highly flexible and based on what he, and the team feel might be the best options for the individual patient.
All too often it is not until it is too late and many are lost to their illness either because of associated mortality rates or are unable to find – or seek the right help in time. The problem is that your greatest assets are often also your biggest threats. For example, high intelligence also means that self-delusional justifications also become more convincing