Mr Peter Sydserff

Peter Sydserff is the Product Manager at Hidden Hearing Ltd, one of the UKs largest suppliers of hearing aids. Before this he spent 4 years managing the UK division of a Swiss hearing aid manufacturer. Peter started his career in audiology as a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser practising for 8 years for both large and small companies. During this time Peter estimates that he will have dispensed hearing aids to over 1000 people.

Peter is also sits on the Council for one of the Hearingcare Industry’s professional bodys; the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists.

Peter’s approach to audiology is to make it as accessible for as many people as possible. Only when Hearing Care, either private or NHS funded is perceived to be quick and easy will we really see a greater awareness of the issue and more people taking positive steps to improve the quality of their lives.