The AposTherapy team is trained to deliver premium patient-centric treatment with regards to clinical skills and ongoing support. AposTherapists, specially trained physiotherapists, personally monitor and administer your programme of care, while the patient liaison team provides responsive, attentive and intuitive services at the highest level.

In the UK, an estimated 8.5 million people are affected by osteoarthritis which is the most common form of knee pain. Difficult to manage, and with no cure currently available, many people opt for pain-relieving medicines or, in some cases, surgery to alleviate their pain. Now there’s a groundbreaking treatment that’s both non-surgical and drug-free. Developed by orthopaedic doctors, and founded on established scientific principals, AposTherapy is a personalised programme of care that’s clinically proven to improve mobility and alleviate pain. Based on the premise that the development and progression of OA can depend on the way you walk, AposTherapy works by analysing and correcting the way you move.

AposTherapy treats you the patient as an individual. During your initial consultation and throughout every follow-up at an AposTherapy Centre your AposTherapist will conduct a number of examinations in order to develop a personalised therapy programme that responds to your unique treatment needs. Your individual progress is closely monitored and whenever necessary your personalised treatment programme is adjusted and the biomechanical system re-calibrated to ensure the best possible therapeutic results.