Yogurt Eaters have lower blood pressure

If you are a regular yogurt eater you are 31% less likely to have high blood pressure. This is the finding presented by the American Heart Association following a 15 year study on 2,000 volunteers. Furthermore, your systolic pressure (the top number), will also be lower.

This effect was seen in those volunteers who included at least 2% of their daily calories from yogurt, or at least a 1 six-ounce cup of low-fat yogurt every three days. 

Which 'cultural' effect this relates to is probably another matter altogether. It would be interesting to know if the effect is directly related to the ingestion, specifically of the bacterial culture. On the other hand, the effect might simply be down to the fact that people who include a regular bowl of yogurt in their diets are also culturally predisposed to lower blood pressure and are less stressed.

Source: Science Daily

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