How to ensure baby products are safe

When raising a baby, you need to make many adjustments to your home to ensure your little one is safe. Verywell Family lists childproofing methods that can help you, like covering electrical outlets, cushioning corners, and securing furniture and appliances from falling. These minimise the risk of accidents.

But whilst childproofing your home will protect your baby to a certain degree, you must also be aware of dangers posed by products purchased specifically for them. Even though items are marketed as baby products, not all of them are created equally. Both consumable and non-consumable goods may be unhealthy for a child, cause irritation, or be a safety hazard when not made well.

If you want to ensure that key items you use for your baby are safe, here are some tips to help you.


Pushchairs consist of many moving parts and mechanisms, and they can pose a serious risk to your child if not designed safely. Cheaper pushchairs may fail to accommodate bigger children, heightening the likelihood of falling over or getting caught in bumps. That said, it's best to choose a pushchair with components that are secure and tight enough not to pinch your baby. They should also be age-appropriate, stable, and easily manoeuvrable. The pushchairs from iCandy show how these safety features are executed; the Core pushchair has adjustable features and a carrycot for infants that you can secure from within to fit children of any age, height, or weight. It also has a multi-mode wheelbase that facilitates smooth movement through any terrain, so your child isn't jostled while moving. High-quality prams like this are a good investment since babies grow incredibly quickly.


When buying baby food, it's essential to remember that not all contain the same nutritional content. Health specialists from Action on Sugar tested 73 baby food products in the UK and found that 27 had a high sugar content. While babies tend to lean towards sweet foods, too much can cause dental problems, weight gain, and health issues in the long run. When choosing food for your babies, go for established brands known for their nutrition-packed offerings. Nestlé's kids' nutrition products, like Cerelac, are some of the most trusted in the world. Rich in zinc, protein, vitamins, and calcium, they promote wellness in early development and strengthen immunity. These foods also come in smaller portions to prevent choking. By buying baby food from such reputable brands, you can provide your baby with ample nutrition without worrying about safety.


When selecting toys for babies, be wary of small parts that can result in choking hazards. Our article 'What to Do When a Child or Baby is Choking' explains that these situations require great care to ensure that your baby isn't rendered unconscious. To avoid these incidents from happening in the first place, you need to ensure all toys meet safety standards. You can rely on Grimm's Spiel and Holz, an established European company that provides safety and fun. They use quality wood for their toys, like lime, maple, and beech. And although they come in multiple parts for stacking, all toys are labelled with the appropriate age range and ensure sizes big enough not to be choked on. In addition to lasting a long time and inspiring creativity with vibrant colours, you can rely on their toys not containing hazards that can injure your baby.


The cot is where you leave your baby alone the most, so safety is crucial. When choosing, ensure that the distance between the slats is no more than six centimetres to avoid the risk of your baby falling out or trapping their head in between. Next, find a firm mattress that fits exactly in the crib. This prevents suffocation or injuries from your baby possibly getting caught in corners. The Pottery Barn Kendall Convertible Cot can be perfect for your baby if you're looking for a versatile and long-lasting crib. It's convertible into a toddler bed, allowing you to adjust its height as your baby grows. The mattresses also fit perfectly, and the cot free from any hazards like protruding screws. It also comes with a plastic teething rail, so your baby isn't biting into any hard surfaces.

Investing in well-made products for your baby is the best way to guarantee their safety. When you know what safety factors to look for in baby items, you can rest easily knowing your baby is in good hands.

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