This section on endometriosis and adenomyosis is headed by Consultant Gynaecologist at University College London Hospital. Endometriosis is the presence of tissue or cells from the lining of the womb (endometrium) elsewhere in the body. It is most commonly found around the uterus and ovaries, but can be located anywhere in the body except the spleen. When the tissue from the lining of uterus is found in the muscle layer of the uterus it is called adenomyosis and can sometimes be found in a woman suffering from endometriosis. The tissue of endometriosis usually bleeds at the time as periods; this bleeding can cause irritation and inflammation of the surrounding tissues, sometimes leading to pain, and also to scarring and the sticking of tissues and organs to each other. Symptoms can include heavy periods and difficulty conceiving. So what can be done? As well as providing an overview of the symptoms and diagnosis, these authoritative articles also explain the latest treatment options.