Treating pancreatic cancer with CyberKnife®

CyberKnife®, an innovative treatment for pancreatic cancer is a non-invasive radiosurgery technique.  

As explained by Consultant Clinical Oncologists Andrew Gaya and Nick PlowmanCyberKnife® technology is able to target tumours accurately and deliver radiation with sub-millimetre precision, making it possible to give a large radiation dose, lethal to the tumour, with little risk to the surrounding tissues and minimal side effects.

If the pancreatic tumour is localised CyberKnife® can be used to obliterate the cancer whilst open surgery may be inadvisable if the patient is unfit or if the tumour is difficulty placed. CyberKnife® treatment normally takes an hour and is given in up to five treatments. It is suitable for tumours all over the body and can be used as an alternative to invasive surgery when this is not possible.



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