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Thinking about losing weight?

For many severely overweight people lifestyle changes alone do not keep their weight off and are insufficient at maintaining long-term weight loss. In this article, expert Consultant Surgeon Ahmed Ahmed, advises patients seeking surgery for their weight problems and presents the latest surgical interventions alongside dieting and lifestyle advice. For additional advice on achieving a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle please see Impact of lifestyle and diet on BMI by Nutritionist Jane Clarke.

Repeated attempts at dieting lead to the yo-yoing of short-term success followed by inevitable weight-gain, resulting in frustration, despair and worsening health. Obesity is a growing problem worldwide and the.… (Read more)

Understanding Pain and Painkillers

A good doctor will always believe their patients if they tell them they’re in pain. Pain is entirely subjective and different types of pain require completely different treatments…. (Read more)

An Introduction to Fibroids

Hysterectomy rates are falling quickly in the United Kingdom as women seek alternatives to radical surgery. In many cases…. (Read more)

Minimal Access Spinal Surgery

The minimal access spinal surgery technique has been developed to complement traditional surgery to repair damage to muscles, ligaments and… (Read more)

Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain)

Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain. It is often also known by the colloquial name of Policeman’s heel. Fortunately it… (Read more)

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