Is swine flu coming back in 2012?

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I hope that you will be interested in the latest content written in plain English for our patient-facing website These helpful articles by top UK Consultants discuss seasonal health news and treatment options alongside our usual informative, patient-facing content.

Winter colds, flu, and chest infections – differentiating between the wintry ailments

At this time of year many of us will succumb to the perils of winter. This article from Consultant Respiratory Physician, Lieske Kuitert, informs us that the swine flu virus of the last two years reached pandemic proportions and does not show signs of slowing down this winter. Pregnant women or people with existing chronic health problems should make themselves aware of the symptoms.

Swine flu circulates at the same time as seasonal winter influenza although there may be additional symptoms. The symptoms of a viral respiratory infection (the common cold) are runny nose, sore throat…. (Read more)

At this time of year the implications of a lack of sunlight go beyond feeling SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) to serious physical medical problems resulting from a lack of Vitamin D. Health implications for moving North… do you need more sunshine? explains the impact that a lack of Vitamin D can have.

Diabetic eye disease – screening and treatment options

There is a worldwide increase in diabetes which, over time, can lead to damage in many organs of the body. Diabetes can lead to damage in the eye called Diabetic Retinopathy…. (Read more)

The benefits of minimally invasive keyhole heart surgery

There is compelling evidence that newer heart surgery techniques offer real advantages for patients. Unfortunately, many of these advances have not been widely employed to date in the UK…. (Read more)

Bowel Cancer Screening

Grow a beard for bowel cancer? That is what Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans is doing this December. In July Chris was tested for bowel cancer and was shocked when doctors found pre-cancerous growths. To familiarise yourself with the simple test for bowel cancer click here.

The presentation of bowel cancer may vary from no symptoms at all to worrisome complaints. There is good evidence that screening for colorectal cancer saves lives, and equates.… (Read more)

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