UK Vein Clinic

The UK Vein clinic is a centre of excellence for vein care and aesthetic treatments.

UK Vein Clinic

Restoring healthy veins

The clinic provides the latest evidence-based treatments for varicose, thread and spider veins - for legs and the face. 

Our senior consultant vascular surgeons assess which treatments and procedures are most appropriate depending on your conditions and symptoms. Treatment takes place on a same-day basis, without the need for general anaesthetics.

Finding the right vein doctor for you

Treating vein conditions requires expert medical care. It is therefore critical to do your own research in order to find the most appropriate medical specialist so as to feel comfortable that they have the right experience and specialist expertise.

Three essential steps for healthy veins:

1. The diagnostic step

There first of all has to be an initial discussion either by phone or live chat, with an experienced vein expert. A consultation can then be arranged at our Harley Street clinic. One of our specialists will explain and discuss all your treatment options, and the implications of any surgery or other procedure that might be appropriate. The consultation can also include a detailed duplex ultrasound scan.

2. Selecting the most appropriate form of treatment

Individual differences for vein treatmentsAt your next visit, your vascular surgeon will use either Radiofrequency Ablation or Veinwave technology to remove unhealthy veins. These walk-in, walk-out procedures are gentle, non-invasive, and proven to be effective

3. Follow up

Following varicose vein treatment, we’ll arrange a second consultation with a full scan, to check your veins are properly closed. At this point we’ll use a technique called ‘Foam Sclerotherapy’ (where foam is injected into the vein to permanently close it), to treat any residual varicose veins. There is no extra charge for treating residual veins during this follow-up appointment

Choose world-class vein care

  • Created by leading vascular surgeons, using the latest evidence and rigorous methods of care
  • Minimally-invasive treatment using clinically proven technology: walk in and walk out the same day
  • No lasers or general anaesthetic needed
  • Less post-treatment pain, less risk of infection, little or no scarring
  • No hidden charges or unnecessary costs just
  • fixed price for a result that’s guaranteed