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Lanserhof Functional Diagnostics and Precision Treatment 

Flying functional dynamics

Combining advanced medical diagnostics including spine lab, movement assessment and 3T open-MRI with innovative treatments. Operating and integrated with an international standard, precision-movement gym and functional treatment programmes.

Small group training classes – including yoga, fascia training, Pilates and functional training. Medical consultations, induction training for the highly specialised gym equipment included and Body Composition Analysis.

Cardiovascular screening (spiro-ergometry, stress ECG)

Functional diagnostic assessment in the Movement Lab or Spine Lab

Bespoke training plan, complete with micro-chip technology which loads your programme onto the gym equipment, ensuring your individual settings on selected machines

Exclusive Members’ Lounge


3T Open MRI - Diagnostic Power

Diagnostic power

In depth diagnostic insight provided by one of the world's most powerful MRIs.

The beauty of MRI is that unlike CT scans and X Ray, it does not use ionising radiation and is therefore safe.

The strength of a magnetic field in an MRI machine is called a Tesla (T). Most MRI scanners operate at a strength of 1.5 Tesla. So, 3T MRI is twice the normal strength and can generate the highest quality image. 

The additional power of 3T is useful for the following reasons:

  1. Aids with claustrophobia; the shorter size relieves the sense of confinement usually associated with more traditional MRI scanners.
  2. Shorter examination times.
  3. Higher resolution detailed images.
  4. Radiologists can identify smaller lesions and anatomical structures that cannot be seen with traditional MRI.
  5. Highly sophisticated imaging procedures.
  6. More accurate diagnosis.
  7. Reduces risk of distortion, so eliminating need for repeated scans.

Individual Differences

The primary factor affecting image quality relative to magnet strength is human body variation. Most bodies are composed of approximately 60% water, some fat, muscle, and organs. This relative body composition can change over time.

Due to variations in tissue composition the strength of scanner required will vary depending on what area is being examined. The 3T MRI is specifically geared for spine and musculo-skeletal images.



Your Specialist Team

Functional diagnostics

Diagnostic and Treatment Precision

Two different doctors to perform an initial detailed health assessment. Given this information, the medical, biomechanics and orthopaedic specialists work together with further diagnostic testing to establish the precise picture of your current physical condition. This thorough analysis informs absolute precision for the proposed treatment approach.

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