Most families wait a year before getting help for bedwetting in children

An online survey from the British children’s charity, ERIC, has revealed that 60% of families wait over a year before seeking help for both urinary and faecal incontinence problems in children. The survey comes as part of the ‘STOP the Issue Ballooning’ campaign from the charity which encourages families to seek help earlier.

More than 1000 families were surveyed last month revealing surprising results that, of the 60% of families who wait over a year before seeking help for continence problems in children, 27% leave the problem for over two years. Following the survey, 82% of parents wished that they had found out about the help available to them sooner.

The Director of ERIC, Jenny Perez, said that “…we know from experience that the earlier families get help for childhood continence problems, the better. There is no need for children and young people to suffer unnecessarily and in the majority of cases, a solution can be found.”

One in 12 children and young people will suffer from continence problems which can result in embarrassment and isolation but effective treatments and help are available. For STOP the Issue Ballooning, ERIC will be launching the world’s biggest e-balloon race to raise awareness and funds.

For further information from leading childhood urinary incontinence experts read ‘Treating urinary incontinence in children’.

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