Luxury Recovery from Serious Burn Out

Effective Treatment for Workaholics

As widely reported by the professional body for Human Resources - the CIPD, one in four of us can suffer from mental health problems at any one time, and with no decrease in the pace of life the issue is not going to go away quickly. There is therefore real pressure on society and businesses to improve the quality of care for people who find themselves either in a health crisis from work - or from the demands of modern living.Kerala - the spiritual home of recovery
If a successful recovery from burn out, stress and anxiety is dependent on the right environment, then Kerala probably deserves to be one of the locations top of the list of appropriate places to stay for a period of mental restoration and recovery.  Getting close to nature and being utterly pampered in luxury facilities, whilst having internationally acknowledged treatment experts on immediate hand naturally helps.

Kerala - The Spiritual Home of Recovery

As rehab expert, and CEO of luxury international, boutique recovery centres at WER International,  Jef Mullins says, "When people describe a treatment facility, a great deal of attention is placed on the types of treatment delivered within it, and the professionals who will be treating you. And this is as it should be." However, he goes on to say, "An often ignored, and certainly, vastly underappreciated aspect of care is the actual environment of the clinic itself and how guests of the service feel about their care."

Restoration of Wellbeing

The restoration of a sense of wellbeing depends on a number of critical factors including the place, the building and the culture that you are spending time in. Most of us are pleasantly aware of the therapeutic value of sitting in a beautiful garden, with the sounds of birdsong in the air and the sun on our faces - and how thiis can fill us with a feeling of peace, of optimism and of a sense that life is good and anything is possible. Jef goes on to say, "Environments - as we have probably all felt within homes or certain workplaces - can even feel toxic and unwell while others can inspire and empower. This is a dynamic that, over the last decade or so, many businesses have come to understand and a great deal of time and energy has been invested to make workplaces maximise creativity, wellbeing and open communication."
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