Is this face mask the gamechanger we have been waiting for?

face mask

With the news that both Germany and France are advising that medical-grade face masks should be worn to protect against the new COVID-19 variant, many of us have been left wondering whether our fabric masks are protective enough?

And, if we switch to disposable face masks, what harm will we be doing to the environment?

Disposable masks are only designed to be used once, which adds to the plastics in the oceans and risking wildlife –  animals become entangled and injured when the masks are thrown away.

The reusable face mask with anti-bacterial and anti-viral protection

The intelligent IShield adjustable, anti-bacterial and anti-viral face mask made from tekFABRIK(TM) could be answer. 

  • TekFABRIK is an antimicrobial (antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal) material that kills pathogens by rupturing cell membranes and viral envelopes

  • The anti-microbial chemical compound (known as the "SAFE-212" molecule) is bonded to the fabric and hence does not leach, allowing repeated washing

  • The new six-layer filtration antiviral masks have been manufactured using the anti-viral (and anti-bacterial / anti-fungal) fabric. They are self-sanitising and reusable up to 30 washes and provide comfort and easy breathing

  • They have a long adjustable nose clip that creates the all-essential seal at the top of the mask. The adjustable ear loops are of a very soft material and come with adjustable beads for greater comfort and to help form the ideal seal

  • Minimal misting / fogging of spectacles and glasses

Masks can be obtained by clicking here: Order masks for UK delivery.

The science behind these protective facemasks

Dr Michael N.Teng, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Medicine, Molecular Medicine, and Pediatrics at The University of South Florida has produced a report following the testing of the tekFABRIK. The tests looked at the inactivation of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infectivity following passage through the fabric. The RSV was chosen as a marker due to it's similarity to SARS-CoV viruses and is an enveloped virus containing a strand of RNA genome. RSV also spreads through the air, is highly contagious and is a major cause of chest infections. It is therefore a good comparative virus to test.

Following a series of experiments their final observation was, "TekFABRIK has a high virucidal activity against RSV with 97% reduction in viral activity after five minutes".

In a separate study headed for Dr Jogin Desai by the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP) the report summarises as follows:

"Significant virucidal activity was observed with the modified [TekFABRIK] cloth. Study on toxicity and virucidal activity on other viruses is also conducted independently and in collaboration with other teams nationally and internationally". 

See the Full article - What makes the most protective medical grade face mask?


An abbreviation for atrial fibrillation Full medical glossary
A substance that acts against viruses, for example and antiviral drug. Full medical glossary
A group of organisms too small to be seen with the naked eye, which are usually made up of just a single cell. Full medical glossary
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Blood that has coagulated, that is, has moved from a liquid to a solid state. Full medical glossary
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Microbes that are only able to multiply within living cells. Full medical glossary