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Total Health helps patients to review the treatment options and to make informed choices of care. 

Total Health articles are written by senior doctors and acknowledged experts within their speciality. The articles are patient facing. The consultants writing on Total Health help patients to understand their medical situation, to review and consider their different treatment options, and to make informed choices of care.

There is no shortage of health information available today and sometimes when quantity overtakes quality, there can be too much. It can be hard to know what information is trustworthy and what is not, and when it comes to making decisions about your health only the best information will suffice.

Total Health enables patients to be better informed about their medical conditions so that they can engage with their medical teams and discussions around the various treatment modalities. We aim to provide pure, impartial, trustworthy medical information from some of the most highly qualified and experienced doctors in the UK. The information is freely available to help patients find what they need to know and to enable informed decision-making.

to enable informed decision-making.

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Moving from pandemic 'delay' to 'mitigation' phase..

It is important to ask questions and seek information from authoritative sources. Many people are asking the following questions:

  • We have had previous scares over potential pandemics, but have we learned from these experiences?
  • What is the similarity of COVID-19 to SARS and flu viruses? 
  • Is the response to COVID-19 proportionate and appropriate?
  • What causes a pandemic?
  • Will we see multiple waves of the illness?

Are the models forecasting death rates right?

What new drugs are being tested?

Who checks that the COVID-19 tests actually work?

Top tips for women to keep well during pandemic

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Doctors should not be the only ones kept informed

In an era of 'patient choice' it is important that patients have access to the same quality and up-to-date information that doctors get before making critical decisions. We asked leading doctors from acknowledged centres of excellence to provide the sort of inside information that is normally only shared with other healthcare professionals and make this accessible to all patients.

The quality of the information comes down to the knowledge and skill of the author. Our articles are all written by highly respected doctors with international reputations who are demonstrably some of the leaders in their respected fields. We hope what they have written will be useful when you make your health decisions. 

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The medical education articles in Total Health are available to patients completely free of charge. Articles are consultant-led and written by independent, senior academic and practising medical experts from the stance of “what's the best information for patients?” The content on the website is regularly updated; the ultimate aim is to cover all the therapeutic areas and provide all the information that patients need to know. Total Health is the Web title operated by the independent medical publishing company, Synaptic Ltd, developer of Consultant-Search and Consultant Profile, intelligent websites designed to give patients access to the right consultant according to their diagnosis and that provide a hub page for consultants linking to their patient-facing articles. We accept no advertising. The physicians who appear here on this site do so on request or at our invitation.

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Revenue generation

Once the editorial has been written we seek sponsorship from relevant, associated healthcare companies. While sponsors have absolutely no editorial input to the finished articles they are allowed to have an optional electronic link from the article to their own website or source of further information. Some of the links from articles on the website are sponsored, some are not. In the case of hospital sponsors this facility provides a useful method for patients seeking access to appropriate services. Where appropriate, we also place links to other useful sources of information irrespective of sponsorship.

The Total Health team

Editorially led by teaching hospital consultants, the content on Total Health is written by doctors and physicians from an assortment of therapeutic areas who are unified by a desire to help people with medical ailments to find the best information or advice currently available. Total Health is supported by the Synaptic management team.

The Total Health team is united by the goal of providing the all-important latest and applicable medical education - directly from the people at the sharp end, in plain English.

Enquiries can be directed to the Web Editor at bob@totalhealth.co.uk