Illegal Drugs Websites Shut Down

At last, could this mean the end of dodgy spam with promises of eternal youth and free Viagra? Interpol have conducted a worldwide crackdown on illegal medical websites that has taken over 18,000 websites out including the suspension of 384 UK domain names with a further 120 to follow.

Interpol have conducted a crackdown across 100 countries during which £6.5M of counterfeit and unlicensed medicines were seized. More than £3.8 million of unlicensed medicines have been seized by the MHRA and the Border Force.

MHRA acting head of enforcement Nimo Ahmed said: "This week we have recovered a range of medicines being supplied without prescriptions and stored in unacceptable conditions by people who are not qualified to dispense medicines. The bottom line is that there are no quick fixes when it comes to your health. Take the time to see your GP to identify the cause of your symptoms. You are far more likely to get better faster if you are on the correct course of prescribed medication."

The MHRA is also working with the police to try to tackle spam emails selling drugs. 

Source: Guardian

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