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I hope that you will be interested in the latest content written in plain English for our patient-facing website These helpful articles by top UK Consultants discuss recent controversies concerning medical treatments alongside our usual informative, patient-facing content.

Vaccination against the Human Papilloma Virus

Following the controversial news this week regarding the side effects of the HPV vaccine Consultant Gynaecologist, Dr Adeola Olaitan, assesses the side effects of the HPV vaccine and provides advice for all young women, their parents and carers, enabling them to be aware of all the facts and make their own decisions regarding the risk or requirement.

In very rare cases, it is possible for someone who has had the HPV vaccine to experience a more severe allergic reaction, known as an anaphylactic reaction. Signs of an anaphylactic.… (Read more)

Diagnosing and Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Latest Expert Advice

The truthful answer is that nobody knows for sure what causes IBS. There is no doubt that a major cause of IBS is there being a problem with the way…. (Read more)

Diabetes and Diagnostics

Maintaining blood glucose levels at the right level is crucial to health; abnormally high or low glucose sugar levels are dangerous and if very severe can put a person into a coma. The normal healthy body copes with…. (Read more)

Treating eating disorders: Findings from the latest brain function research

You might think that an eating disorder has something to do with food or at least body shape but this is not the case. The people who starve themselves into emaciation are not striving to be models but… (Read more)

An Overview of Gynaecological Cancers

Women may be concerned about the possibility of gynaecological cancers because, unlike breast cancer, the gynaecological organs are not easily visible. It is therefore important for women to be aware of… (Read more)

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