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New treatment can prevent need for knee surgery

Could podulation prove the end for knee surgery? This article discusses how a new, simple invention can reverse the osteoarthritic deterioration of knee joints and allow patients to ‘podulate’ away from the knee surgeon.

Until recently, the solutions to knee pain and instability have been cumbersome: orthotics, braces and walking aids as well as painful physiotherapy and surgery with long rehabilitation periods. Bupa-approved AposTherapy uses special footwear and convex “pods” placed under the foot and calibrated to each individual patient for improvement of gait and reversal of knee osteoarthritis.

Radio waves target cancers directly with Gamma Knife® radiosurgery

Gamma Knife® is a revolutionary technology combining radiotherapy and surgery for cancer treatments to form the new field of radiosurgery. Gamma Knife® is able to target tumours in a very accurate way and deliver radiation with great precision, making it possible to give a large radiation dose, lethal to the tumour, with little risk to the surrounding normal tissues; this is ideal for surgically inaccessible tumours or for patients who are unfit for surgery.

Diagnosis and treatment of oral cancer

Mouth cancer is currently a major global health issue. In developing countries oral cavity cancer is estimated to be the third most common malignancy after cancer of the cervix and stomach. In the UK from 1995 to 2004 the number of newly diagnosed mouth cancers increased by 23%, and in 2005 it accounted for 2% of all cancers in the UK. This article discusses the signs, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of mouth cancer.

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