Stress Awareness Day: Wellbeing and Resilience at Work

According to recent research stress levels in the UK have doubled in four years. The International Stress Management Association UK (ISMAUK) is highlighting this fact to encourage people to help manage their stress levels today on National Stress Awareness Day.

ISMAUK suggests that there are numerous ways in which people can help others to manage their stress levels, not only through fundraising but through direct action. They are encouraging people to come forward as Expert Stress Advisers who support ISMAUK members at events and offer support and advice.

On the ISMAUK website members of the public who are suffering from stress can be put in touch with Stress Advisers and be shown how to take time out of their everyday lives to focus on what they want and how to cope with the demands upon us. The website also includes free stress-busting games to add a smile to your face today.


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