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When should you see your doctor?

We all develop health problems at some time but how do we know when the symptoms are something to worry about? Many of us are concerned about wasting valuable GP time but it is crucially important for us to be able to identify red flags – the warning signs which tell us that a more serious medical condition may be present. For helpful and informative advice on which symptoms are likely to be indicative of a more serious medical condition click here.

Treat any new symptom that comes on suddenly without any obvious reason with suspicion, particularly if it gets worse, is present all the time, and does not go by itself. For example, it’s best to seek medical…. (Read more)

CyberKnife® FAQs

The CyberKnife® System is a robotic radiosurgery instrument that is revolutionising the way cancers are treated. It was developed…. (Read more)

Targeted intraoperative radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer

Radiotherapy has been used in the treatment of breast cancer for several decades. With the special TARGIT technique the radiotherapy is focused directly to the most important tissues. As it is so well targeted and the dose…. (Read more)

Arteriovenous Malformation FAQs

Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are a relatively rare vascular condition but are responsible for approximately 2% of strokes. The symptoms of AVMs vary depending on.… (Read more)

The Causes of Irregular and Heavy Periods

Irregularity and heaviness of periods may be due to a number of causes including fibroids (non-cancerous growths) of the womb, polyps…. (Read more)

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