Dr Hervey Wilcox, Consultant Chemical Pathologist

Dr Hervey Wilcox is a Consultant Chemical Pathologist with specialist interests in the management of lipid disorders and inborn errors of metabolismThe chemical reactions necessary to sustain life.. He is the Clinical Director of the Diagnostics and Pharmacy Directorate and Trust Medical Lead for Clinical Risk for Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust where he runs one of the largest pathology laboratories – serving the most densely populated region of Europe across south London and the Home Counties.

Dr Wilcox has been Chair of London-Surrey Borders Research Ethics Committee since 2003 and has undertaken an LLM (Legal Aspects of Medical Practice), Cardiff Law School. He gained his MBA with Distinction, 1995. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, Member of Heart UK, Diabetes UK, Association of Clinical Biochemists, Society for Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism, British Inherited Metabolic Disease Group and British Association of Medical Managers.

Dr Wilcox is particularly interested in the investigation and treatment of hyperlipidaemiaA metabolic disorder characterised by high levels of lipids in the blood. dynamic function tests for endocrine and metabolic disordersA group of disorders in which some aspect of body chemistry is disturbed. and he runs a weekly lipid clinic at St Helier Hospital.

Dr Wilcox feels strongly that more can be done to detect and prevent heart disease, he advocates the appropriate use of the statinOne of a class of drugs that inhibit cholesterol formation in the liver. drugs and says that these drugs often wrongly get a bad press despite being orders of magnitude safer than aspirinOne of the most used medicines..

  • Understanding the results of your pathology report

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    To most people a standard pathology laboratory list of results is more akin to an Egyptian obelisk than anything actually meaningful or useful.This article provides our own plain English equivalent of the Rosetta Stone in order to translate some of the pathological hieroglyphs.

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