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Reliable information on the swine fluA viral infection affecting the respiratory system. virusWho can you trust for reliable information on the swine flu virus? Especially when the UK print media publish stories with headlines like:

Pig Flu Out of Control

Hundreds of Brits will get swine flu in weeks

Outbreak raises fears for hundreds of children

No doubt stories like these will help sell a few more papers but they're not much use if you really want to know what's happening. Here are a few less sensational but more measured views:

Mayo Clinic Swine Flu Advice

UK Government Swine Flu Heath Protection Advice. Includes a video, describes precautions to take with links to travel advice.

NHS: Important Information about Swine Flu

NHS: How to check your symptoms if you think you have swine flu.

Plus a map showing the extent of the swine flu outbreak and a video from the Mayo Clinic which provides answers to your questions about swine flu.

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