Private London GPs

Need a private doctor?

  • Do you require immediate treatment - and can’t wait two or three weeks for an NHS appointment?
  • Is the convenience of a central London doctor appealing?
  • Are you away from your usual GP and need to see a doctor fast?
  • Do you need medical advice concerning a sick child?
  • Are you looking for a second opinion from a highly experienced and well-qualified doctor?
  • Would you like a doctor who can give you more time and attention than an NHS GP?
  • Do you require vaccinations at a time that suits you?
  • Do you require a home visit from a GP?
  • Would you like immediate access to treatments not available on the NHS?
  • Are you looking to be referred to the best private consultants in the UK?
  • Would you like an out of hours visit from a GP?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you might like to make an appointment with a private GP.  At Twenty-five Harley Street day clinic appointments are at your convenience.

Simply call 020 3883 9525. Walk-in appointments are available from 8.30 am until 8.00 pm.

Same day appointment with a doctor

The holy grail for patients is managing to get a same-day appointment with a trusted doctor. Because of this private GP services in London are flourishing. Twenty-five Harley Street offers a 24/7 service – with appointments available at the clinic from 8.30am until 8pm at night.

Out of hours doctor in London

After 8pm a concierge doctor service looks after Twenty-five Harley Street patients. Dr Drashnika Patel, one of the Twenty-five Harley Street doctors coordinates this. She commented: “Patients don’t need to be registered at Twenty-five Harley Street. Just dial up the usual number - 020 3883 9525.”

The service is not for serious medical emergencies which may require an ambulance or an immediate trip to A&E. However, the doctor will assess this on the phone and either come straight to you or give appropriate advice for you or your child.

Dr Patel added: “You’ll be given an option, and you’ll be put straight through to a GP. Doctors can come to your home or hotel room anywhere in the central London area, or give advice over the phone.”

Private doctors give patients more time

Dr Debbie Street, one of the GPs at Twenty-five Harley Street has worked independently in London since 2003. She said: “I love the fact that I have half an hour to spend with my patients. I know in the NHS only ten minutes – in practice, often less – is allocated. I don’t think this is nearly enough. When I see a patient, I know I can give a really good service. It’s a luxury a lot my NHS colleagues sadly just don’t have.” At Twenty-five Harley Street, initial appointments are always half an hour and certainly recommended for any worrying health issues which may need to be explored. However, more cost-effective 15 minute follow-ups are also available.

Integrated health at Twenty-five Harley Street

As primary care providers, it’s a GP’s job to discover further treatments required. As Twenty-five Harley Street offers a fully integrated service it's possible that your prescribed treatments and referrals can be offered within the clinic. This means a no-fuss, hassle-free experience.

The clinic offers super-specialisms, such as nutrition, counselling and menopause care where appropriate. Even gynaecological procedures, such as colposcopy, fibroid removal and ablations can be performed by the UK's leading gynaecologists in the field. 

The state-of-the art facilities mean that pathology, imaging and scanning can be all offered onsite.

Twenty-five Harley Street offers super-specialisms in:

  • Nutrition    
  • Freedom from pain
  • Nutritional balance
  • Counselling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Menopause care

Dr Street commented: "Having that bit of extra time makes all the difference. I get to go beyond the superficial problems and see the wider picture, so patient gets the best possible care."

For a GP appointment at Twenty-five Harley Street call 020 3883 9525, or email [email protected] . If you require an out of hours GP,, wait and listen to the options offered. Press 1 and you will be diverted directly to an out of hours GP. Simply quote ‘25’ and you can access to the highest quality GP service in London. 


Close examination of the cervix of the uterus using a magnifying instrument with attached light source, known as a colposcope. Full medical glossary
A benign tumour, most often in the uterus. Full medical glossary
Benign tumours, most often in the uterus. Full medical glossary

The time of a woman’s life when her ovaries stop releasing an egg (ovum) on a monthly cycle, and her periods cease

Full medical glossary
The means of producing immunity by stimulating the formation of antibodies. Full medical glossary