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Finding the best Rehab

Rehab expert Jef Mullins is an internationally acknowledged mental health recovery specialist. He has worked extensively in mental health rehabilitationThe treatment of a person with an illness or disability to improve their function and health., as well as managed and Directed some of the biggest and most prestigious rehab centres. Due to the very nature of mental health crises such as addiction, stressRelating to injury or concern. and traumaA physical injury or emotionally painful event. - selecting the best rehab for yourself or family member can be a particularly daunting prospect.

Corporate Mental Health Strategy

Is Good Mental Health Core to your Business Plan? 

In their July 2014 publication 'The pursuit of happiness: a new ambition for our mental health', the economic and financial Think Tank CentreForum provides a compelling business case for making good mental health a focus for employers.

How do I stop the Drugs and Alcohol?

Addiction or addictive tendencies of any kind affect the brain. Although the addictive substance itself may have a direct impact on body and brain functions (physiological impact), the neuro-physiological process of addiction is a key factor in its own right.

How good is your hip surgeon?

The answer is probably - How long have you waited?

Going against Impulse for Recovery

In his experience the people who make successful recovories from any form of behavioural health problem, such as addictions, depressionFeelings of sadness, hopelessness and a loss of interest in life, combined with a sense of reduced emotional well-being and anxiety, are those who consistently go against their impulses, who push through by changing old habits and thinking patterns - and trying new things.

Mind Campus at Withersdane Hall

The new Mind Campus at Withersdane Hall is rapidly becoming Europe’s largest mental health and recovery specialist centre.

Depression and Libido

Women's health expert, Prof John Studd requests that the following information be sent, "to every friend and particularly to your friendly psychiatristA specialist in the management of mental health conditions. who needs this information about treatment of depressionFeelings of sadness, hopelessness and a loss of interest in life, combined with a sense of reduced emotional well-being in women":Hormones for treating depression

Depression and loss of libidoSexual drive.

HRT Promotes Joint Health

As previously reported by Total Health in his article "HRT helps to prevent repeat knee and hip replacement surgery" by Prof John Studd, there is increasing evidence of the benefits of hormone replacement therapyThe administration of female hormones in cases where they are not sufficiently produced by the body. Abbreviated to HRT. for women.

Prostate Cancer Test to Determine Best Treatment

The problem with prostateA gland that surrounds the urethra near the bladder. It produces a fluid that forms part of the semen. cancerAbnormal, uncontrolled cell division resulting in a malignant tumour that may invade surrounding tissues or spread to distant parts of the body. is in knowing whether you have an aggressive form of the cancer and therefore require a surgical option, or if you have a less agressive form of the disease - which is more likely. The aggressiveness of prostate cancer can now be measured using a genomic test called Prolaris. The Prolaris test measures a key feature of cancer growth, namely 'cellThe basic unit of all living organisms. proliferation', and whether the genes for cancer cell proliferation are 'expressed'.

Getting Approved Genetic Testing Done

Genetic testing can be arranged direct to the consumer (DTC), but because the science is advancing so rapidly it is recommended by the National Genome Research Institute to discuss the testing process first with a qualified medical specialist or appropriate genetics counsellor. As in any market, there are many companies seeking to meet the emerging demand by providing testing services, and the quality plus levels of accreditation of these providers will vary.

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